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Companies face an increasing complexity of Value Added Tax (VAT) due to legal changes and globalization. As a result, only tax specialists are able to meet these rising legal requirements.
The introduction of digitally supported standard processes is essential to meet the high legislative demands and the resulting liabilities as efficiently as possible.

With the WTS VATmanager, we have developed a web-based solution to meet essential VAT obligations. In particular, the IT tool supports the core functions of reporting, risk management and VAT processes. Due to its extensive functions, our tool solution enables VAT risks to be appropriately identified, assessed, managed, and controlled.

WTS VATmanager – core functions for tool-based preparation and transmission of:

 The WTS VATmanager includes the following modules:

  • VATdashboard: Overview of submission forms and the associated deadlines
  • VATcheckpoint: Transparent process overview of the individual VAT workflows
  • VAT Risk Management: Centralized maintenance of questionnaires for identifying VAT risks
  • VATdocumentation: Standardized document storage as a “single-point-of-truth”
  • VAT-IDchecker: Verified core database for customers and vendors

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Corporations with various subsidiaries in Germany and further countries

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