WTS VAT-IDchecker

To provide value added tax (VAT) exempt products or services to European business customers, the customer needs a valid VAT identification number (VAT ID number). If a company cannot provide a valid VAT ID number, the tax office will charge VAT on intra-community transactions and services.

We have developed a web-based and platform-independent solution that is able to validate VAT ID numbers, the WTS VAT-IDchecker. Our tool solution can be integrated into existing workflows at any time.

Our verification process of VAT ID no. is simple:

  • Upload: Upload the file with the relevant data into the VAT IDchecker;
  • Validate: Validation is triggered with a simple click. If incorrect customer data is identified, the correct address details corresponding to the VAT ID number from the European database (VIES) will be displayed, as long as EU member states are permitted to do so;
  • Export: Validation results can be exported for internal use;
  • Archiving: Results can be archived with BZSt (German Federal Central Office for Taxes) timestamps;
  • Documentation: Request of written confirmation from the German Federal Central Tax Office is available



Should you have questions about WTS VAT-IDchecker we are happy to assist:


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