VAT together with import VAT is the "hidden champion" among tax types. At about EUR 200 billion, it is the leading source of annual tax revenue for Germany. This becomes abundantly clear whenever companies encounter VAT issues. Internationalisation compels businesses to not only give their attention to German VAT law, but also to take indirect taxes in Europe and in the rest of the world into account. Complex relationships with both suppliers and customers involving the provision of goods and services, challenging legal questions in cases of corporate restructuring, and the formal requirements of VAT all contribute to the enormous significance of VAT to any company.
WTS offers a comprehensive portfolio of consulting services, advising companies on all matters related to national and international VAT law and bringing practical solutions, clear recommendations for action and support for implementation.
Worldwide, more than 300 VAT specialists act in an advisory capacity for our clients in cooperation with our WTS Global, which is managed from Germany.
We advise:
Companies ranging from SMEs to DAX-listed groups in all sectors
Directors/management, CFOs, heads of accounting, heads of tax, heads of indirect tax
Auditors, tax advisors and lawyers, for whom we assess complex VAT matters while providing full protection for case confidentiality

Services in the area of Value Added Tax

  • VAT registrations with the tax authorities in Germany and abroad
  • Preparation of preliminary VAT returns and annual VAT returns in Germany including plausibility checks
  • Preparation of EC sales lists in Germany
  • Submission of VAT returns abroad
  • Written correspondence with the authorities in these matters
  • Arrangement of VAT refund procedures in Germany and abroad


  • Individual advice on national and cross-border VAT cases
  • Preparation of expert opinions with respect to VAT issues
  • Recommendations for action on VAT in connection with restructuring measures
  • Opimization of holding structures and tax groups
  • Optimization of input VAT proportion
  • Support with external VAT audits
  • Representation in tax courts


  • Audits of documents and accounts
  • Support with the implementation of electronic invoices
  • Completion of  "VAT reviews"
  • Assistance with the development of manuals and working instructions
  • Support with the establishment of “VAT risk management” regime
  • In-house training on general and company-specific VAT topics


  • Provide current information on changes in the VAT law
  • Distribute regular WTS VAT Newsletter
  • Organize client seminars




Should you have questions our partners are happy to assist:

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