Since July 2017, more than 62.000 companies doing business in Spain are obliged to transmit VAT relevant data to tax authorities via web-Service. WTS TRACE-SII-REPORTINGmanager (Tax Reporting Assistance for Controlled E-Filing) makes this reporting through intelligent workflow a question of minutes.

Features/benefits at a glance

wts TRACE-SII-REPORTINGmanager in bullet points:

  • System independent because of using Microsoft Excel files as data source,
  • Absolutely flexible regarding the contents and number of data sources,
  • Runs without any installation, only Microsoft Access is needed,
  • The customizing takes only several hours, e.g. in a web conference,
  •  Based on the intelligent workflow control, the upload of data takes only few seconds.
  • All data and information, like e.g. the sent and received xml-messages or corrections, are historised,
  • Easy adoption of existing reporting state by automatic download and integration of previously submitted data, e.g. through online forms or other applications.


All companies submitting monthly VAT returns in Spain

Should you have questions about WTS TRACE-SII-REPORTINGmanager we are happy to assist:

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