Electronic transmission of the tax balance sheet ("e-balance sheet")

Significance of the e-balance sheet for your company

In the course of the so-called Tax Bureaucracy Reduction Act from 2008, all companies which are subject to German taxation – irrespective of their legal form and size – have been legally obliged to submit their tax balance sheets and profit and loss accounts to the tax office in electronic form in the future (so-called "e-balance sheet"). In the meantime, the details of such electronic data transfer to the tax authorities, have been settled to the greatest extent.

You should therefore start to analyze the effects of the e-balance sheet introduction on your operations, (i.e. legal entities and permanent establishments) which are taxable in Germany, and identify possible needs for action. In particular, a first mapping of all general ledger accounts to the positions of the official taxonomy should take place very soon. The fiscal authorities have stated - contrary to their original plans - that an electronic transfer will not be mandatory for fiscal year 2012, but rather from 2013 onwards (respectively from FY 2013/2014 onwards with regard to companies with a deviating fiscal year). However, one should make good use of the gained time – the pilot phase has shown that the introduction effort must not be underestimated.

Solution expertise of WTS

  • Active participation in the pilot phase of the German Federal Ministry of Finance ("BMF")
  • Collaboration in committees (e.g. in the BMF-working group which is developing the fiscal taxonomy) and associations (e.g. German association of SAP users)
  • Intensive cooperation with various suppliers of finance and tax software products
  • Practice-oriented know-how in the sectors process management, compliance and project organization

Our services

WTS offers a variety of tailor-made solutions in order to perfectly prepare you and your operations for the e-balance sheet:

  • E-balance workshops: Within the scope of a one-day workshop at your premises, we will conduct an assessment of the respective operations, systems and processes
  • E-balance mapping: We perform the mapping of the positions of your charts of accounts (according to the compliance level you request) to the required taxonomies
  • E-balance health check: We help you to safeguard your "e-balance sheet readiness" by reviewing your e-balance sheet process (including the mapping prepared by yourself) or supporting you with the implementation of the e-balance sheet within the scope of further projects (e. g. projects for the optimization of your accounting or tax processes, introduction of tax accounting tools or in connection with the adjustment or standardization of charts of accounts)
  • In-house trainings: We will conduct e-balance sheet trainings for managers and employees of the finance department at your premises
  • E-balance implementation: We prepare and transfer the e-balance sheets for your operations within the scope of our current tax advice services, (incl. integration of tax audit findings) as well as in special cases (e.g. upon acquisitions or reorganizations).


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