Real Estate

Real estate has always formed the largest proportion of company assets, and in recent years it has also gained huge importance on the capital markets. Our integrated WTS Tax, Legal & Advisory Team will help you manage tax, (regulatory) legal and business challenges in connection with real estate. With this service, you gain support from specialised teams with extensive personal experience of companies with real estate assets, the real estate industry and the fund segment.

Fields to select from:

  • Regulatory and tax-optimised structuring of fund vehicles
  • Adaptation of structures and reporting on regulatory and tax innovations
  • Preparation of certificates in accordance with Section 5 German Investment Tax Act
  • VAT processing of asset management services provided to capital management companies


  • Consulting with regard to tax-optimised purchase and sales structures
  • Tax due diligence services (asset deals and share deals)
  • Property transfer tax consulting
  • Unit review and needs assessment
  • VAT consultation including option clauses and deferred sale of business as a whole


  • Effect of real estate tax (VAT, property transfer tax, real estate tax, etc.) on EBIT and on tax rate (cor-poration tax/solidarity surcharge and trade tax)
  • Optimisation of accounting processes
  • Comprehensive concepts for all phases of a real estate investment (purchase, holding, sale, reorgani-sation)
  • Business partnering – we support you by wholly or partially providing a tax function


  • Tax-related real estate valuation for property transfer tax, real estate tax or for inheritance tax purposes
  • Tax-related real estate Management




Further information is available here:

International Taxation of Real Estate Investments



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