Labour Law

Labour law is of the utmost significance from an economic perspective and as such a challenge for each company. Due to permanently changing laws, the legal situation is often not clear. We offer our clients a comprehensive consulting portfolio within this legal sector and develop tailor-made solutions based on their individual needs.

Our services:

Support in labour law issues resulting from business activities regarding e.g. continued remuneration, parental leave, vacation entitlements, part-time employment etc.


Employment and service agreements for  personnel, managing directors, executive board members, freelancers,  trainees, volunteers etc.


Dismissals, termination / settlement agreements, letters of reference, dismissal protection


Labour law advice in connection with group restructuring measures, social compensation plans, reconciliations of interest,  business transfers, international employee assignments


Works constitution law, collective bargaining agreements, employee participation



Should you have questions our partners are happy to assist:

Thomas Melcher

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Hauke Hintze

Tel.: +49 221 348 936-400

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