Karen Möhlenkamp

Dr. Karen Möhlenkamp (lawyer) graduated in law at Würzburg before working as academic assistant at the Department of International Private Law headed by Prof. Dr. Ranieri (Rostock, Saarbrücken). After being sponsored as a scholar at the Max Planck Institute (Frankfurt/M.) for European legal history, she took up employment with an international auditing and tax consultancy firm and as consultant in the tax department of the Federation of German Industry (BDI). At WTS, Dr. Möhlenkamp's key area of attention is on VAT and taxes on energy and electricity and excise duties. She is involved in delivering expert opinions on complex issues and developing optimisation models.

As a founding member of the German Energy Tax Conference and Berlin Tax Discussions (Berliner Steuergespräche e.V.), and as a member of the German Institute of Certified Tax Consultants (Fachinstitut der Steuerberater), she also deals with tax topics outside WTS. She reaches a wide audience through numerous publications in professional magazines on VAT and energy tax, as co-author of a brochure on sponsoring cultural events, her teaching at the University of Rostock and her work as a speaker at EUROFORM and other seminar organisers.

Languages: Deutsch, Englisch  



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