International Project Consulting

Our service line provides consulting to customers from all sectors with regard to their international project activities: from construction engineering companies to service enterprises.

Different tax frameworks in each country of activity and the increasingly complex international surroundings make it especially difficult to determine the tax rules that apply during all phases of a cross-border project.
Any specific tax regulations that have to be observed must be determined during the project bid phase because of the impact they have on the structure and execution of the project. 
Support may be required with regard to registering and administering permanent establishments,  possibly also retrospectively.

Executing projects abroad bears a substantial number of potentially serious risks, which are ideally given due thought during the offer phase of the project.

  • Exclusion from public tenders
  • Tax payments as a result of tax evasion and criminal law consequences
  • Permanent cancelation of work permits for deployed personnel
  • Damages claims from personnel whose deployments were incorrectly structured and executed
  • Late or retrospective tax payments, fines, penalties, and interest

We offer

  • In-depth knowledge of specific international and domestic laws and regulations
  • The ability to determine and explain the tax impacts of cross-border projects
  • Tailored, practical, and pragmatic solutions taking all relevant fields of law into account, which will fully satisfy existing compliance requirements 
  • Assistance with the administration of permanent establishments

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Your advantages

  • Time and cost effectiveness as a result of our many years of experience in assisting construction projects
  • Early identification of cost-relevant factors, ensuring their inclusion in project calculations and respective structuring from the start
  • Prevention/reduction of tax and liability risks in the country of activity
  • Minimization of tax expense
  • Simplified administration of tax requests through centralized consulting in Germany
  • Focused and thus also cost-effective communication with foreign consultants and authorities
  • Consulting by native speakers for certain regions and countries

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Current Issues

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