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Almost every company organizes events for both, its employees and its business partners. The annual Christmas party is probably the most popular event in terms of benefits-in-kind. Likewise, benefits in the form of gifts are standard practice which also can represent taxable income for the beneficiaries.

As a matter of principle, companies are also required to record, document and, where appropriate, pay tax on grants, even in the case of possible flat-rate taxation pursuant to Section 37b EStG (German Income Tax Act). The same applies to material gifts for employees and business partners.

In order to keep documentation coordination and workload to a minimum, we have developed the web-based WTS EVENTmanager. With this tool, relevant data is recorded and processed for tax purposes. In this way, benefits such as company parties, customer events and gifts can be documented, taxed and applied efficiently and safely.

Our experienced experts provide comprehensive advice on individual project planning and implementation of the WTS EVENTmanager in the company’s existing IT infrastructure. We also support and accompany you in all further process steps.

The IT tool includes 4 customizable modules



Features/benefits at a glance

  • Complete collection, automated taxation and contribution of income tax
  • Booking suggestions
  • Increase procedural transparency within the company
  • Intuitive operability
  • Various interfaces for simple data transmission

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