Energy Law, Renewable Energy Sources Act, Energy Management Systems

As a result of the changes in energy policy, electricity prices in Germany are undergoing a considerable increase. Although an attempt has been made to bring about a turnaround through reform of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), major efforts will be needed to achieve price stability in the medium-term. On the other hand, the changes in energy policy and the EEG provide incentives to participate in interesting investment models, such as the new EEG tendering system for funding permissions, to  project planners and power plant construction companies. What’s more, the industry has been focused on achieving the sustainable optimisation of energy costs for years.

WTS is available in all of these areas as a reliable partner, providing integrated consulting services. We work in close cooperation with our experienced colleagues (financial auditors, lawyers and tax advisers) in our Tax and Legal business units. Our team of experts covers all areas of energy law, energy tax law and electricity tax law. In addition, we also deal with all issues relating to energy management systems, process consulting, as well as support by financial auditors as needed.

  • Monitoring of applications under the special compensation scheme including strategic restructuring (Fertigungs-GmbH, independent company division)
  • Issuing auditor certificates for the special compensation scheme (with cooperating partner)
  • Determination/optimisation of gross value added and electricity cost intensity
  • Monitoring, risk assessment and risk analysis of self-supply projects (leasing and operational management models, tolling, plate leasing, compliance, new risks as a result of the reporting requirements of main customs offices and the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA)


  • Monitoring of relief applications under energy and electricity tax law
  • Monitoring of  funding applications under the German CHP law and within the framework of emissions trading aid (electricity price compensation), including the necessary audit certificates (with cooperating partner)
  • Reduced network charges as per § 19 StromNEV (atypical load behaviour/peak load reduction)
  • Load management and premiums under the Ordinance on Interruptible Loads (AblaV)


  • Guidance and support for energy management systems (EMS) of any kind (in particular DIN EN ISO 50001) with regard to compliance for the special compensation scheme and the tax cap under energy and electricity tax law  respectively the German Efficiency System Ordinance (SpaEfV)
  • Risk assessment of EMS (scoping, QM, submission and application deadlines)
  • Legal advice and litigation as needed to resolve issues with certifiers, BAFA, main customs offices and accreditation bodies
  • Support for organizational and process-related issues, as well as setup of monitoring and reporting systems, and their integration with other management systems


  • General requirements for the funding of renewable energies
  • Direct marketing, negative electricity prices, feed-in management
  • Tender of funding permissions (mounted PV systems pilot project) including related electricity tax law and energy law issues (provider status, tax advantages)








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