Ready to face global megatrends with the WTS business-partnering model

Five global megatrends currently present challenges to companies and their tax departments. These include:

  • Growing economic importance of developing countries
  • Demographic change
  • Technical progress and digitalisation
  • Increasing regulation and transparency requirements
  • Rising demands on implementation of processes

The expectations to be met by tax departments within companies are also being raised by the following factors:

The business-partnering model offered by WTS provides a method of optimising and professionalising tax departments to cope with these challenges, without the company losing its grip on governance and control. With highly qualified pool of employees, broadly-based tax experts and the trust of numerous listed corporations as a reference for the excellent work we deliver, WTS is your partner for progressive collaboration.

Should you have questions our partners are happy to assist:

Fritz Esterer

Head of Business Partnering
Tel.: +49 89 286 46-1000

Lothar Härteis

Tel.: +49 89 28646-2222

Ulrike Schellert

Tel.: +49 69 133845636

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