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Day-to-day business involves a large number of tax-related obligations, commercial law requirements and other related tasks. It is worthwhile outsourcing these activities to enable one focus on their core business tasks. By acting on your behalf, you will receive reliable reporting in addition to optimising your costs in IT, staff training and downtime. We offer you maximum flexibility as we are able to work on different IT systems. The ongoing training of our employees ensures that you are in compliance with current legal practice.

We consider ourselves to be part of your corporate financial processes!


We advise in particular:

  • National and international companies from all sectors, which are involved in cross-border exchange of goods and services.

Services related to Accounting – Tax Declarations

We provide efficient and high-quality accounting and reporting so that you can focus on your core business tasks, and have the necessary information available to you.

Your added value:

  • Optimal cost/benefit ratio with consistently high quality
  • Flexible operational structures and efficient processes
  • Legal certainty despite constant changes to the regulations, as our teams of experts undergo continuous professional development
  • Outsourcing of accounting operations in order to consolidate activities and locations
  • Fast and reliable management information
  • Lighten your workload when complying with financial reporting requirements

Our services include:

  • Continuous accounting, including examining incoming invoices for deduction of input VAT
  • Asset accounting
  • Processing of payment transactions
  • Controlling
  • Preparing and submitting preliminary VAT returns, recapitulative statements, Intrastat reports


Our competence is based on our knowledge. Continuous training keeps this knowledge up-to-date. We ensure that you are always in compliance with current legal practice.

Your added value:

  • Legal certainty combined with best quality
  • Adherence to deadlines for the preparation and publication of financial statements required under commercial law
  • Tax advisor certification
  • No conflict of interests between preparation and auditing of financial statements

Our services include:

  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly and annual financial statements at the level of each legal entity, in compliance with national and international financial reporting standards
  • Preparation of tax balance sheets such as supplementary and special-purpose balance sheets, and revenue/profit calculations 
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements in compliance with national and international financial reporting standards, including determining provisions and conducting and documenting tax calculations
  • Intensive support for audits by external auditors


On the one hand, payroll accounting is affected by constant amendments to the legal framework and, on the other hand, it is subject to the highest standards of efficiency, despite an extensive catalogue of activities. An outsourcing of this task is worthwhile.

Your added value:

  • Low personnel expenses without a constant need for training
  • No reservation of resources at peak times
  • Close networking between those responsible for payroll and advisors on tax, social security and employment law

Our services include – payroll accounting:

  • Preparation of wages and payslips while taking into account a vast range of salary components and models, also with international elements
  • Taking non-cash benefits into account for income tax and social security purposes
  • Tax and social security declarations
  • Monthly analysis
  • Year-end tasks and certification
  • Intensive support for income tax and social security audits 

Our services include – personnel support:

  • Management of personnel files
  • Personnel controlling/reporting
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Individual statistics and  analysis
  • Support for the creation of company guidelines


Your day-to-day business involves a number of tax-related obligations that must be fulfilled on schedule and on a regular basis. Optimising the application of funds also plays a key role.

Your added value:

  • Tax optimisation by strategic fiscal planning
  • Legal certainty through prompt implementation of relevant changes to the law
  • Practical tax advice in relation to your operational business

Our services include:

  • Tax advice integrated into process chain: Financial Accounting – Annual Financial Statements – Tax Declarations and Payroll – Income Tax and Social Security
  • Tax returns for corporations, partnerships, business establishments or private individuals
  • Application of exemption certificates
  • Advice on optimising profit distributions
  • Guidance on tax inspections
  • Tax advice across all areas of tax law, involving the relevant WTS experts
  • Cross-border tax advice with the assistance of the international WTS Global Network


Travel expenses may include elements that are significant for VAT purposes and components that may constitute non-cash benefits. As these may impact on tax and social security, they must meet the highest standards of compliance.

It is hardly possible to prepare statements that satisfy legal requirements where expert knowledge is not sought. We possess the requisite knowledge and can also ensure that travel expense claims are processed efficiently.

Your added value:

  • Reduction of your personnel expenses and the constant need for training
  • Latest information on amendments to the law
  • Information at any time from our competent contacts

Our services include:

  • Accounting for domestic and foreign trips in accordance with current legal requirements and any internal guidelines
  • Accounting for other expenses following examination of VAT aspects
  • Preparation and/or implementation of payment transactions
  • Preparation of accounting records for bookkeeping, including allocation to projects and/or cost centres
  • Preparation of reports for wages and salaries (tax-free and taxable elements)


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