Transfer Pricing and Indirect Tax

Division of labour on an increasingly international basis, global sourcing in the purchasing context and growth in markets with high excise duties, for example those in Asia and South America, provide many opportunities, but also new challenges, for globally active companies. Identifying any potential for optimisation in terms of tax and customs duty, which exists at particular stages of the value-added process, tapping into and safeguarding this potential for the long term will have an enormous impact on a company’s profitability and competitive position in the future. It is crucial in this context to find the optimum structure in respect of points of conflict between a company’s competing objectives in the area of taxes and customs duties.

The objective of the Supply Chain Strategy is to reduce the burden of duties and taxes throughout the value-added chain, to increase profitability and to meet the relevant statutory requirements.

Our integrated interdisciplinary advisory services are therefore organised along the following lines:

Services provided by us in the area of customs and trade law

International Customs Law

  • Transfer price optimisation in consideration of interdependences between tax and customs
  • Tax and customs transfer pricing guidelines and documentation
  • Development of tax and customs efficient sales and marketing strategies
  • Optimisation of global production networks in the context of the "global trade agreement landscape"

Cost transparency, Identification of cost drivers, information management

  • Customs and trade business field analysis
  • Identification of cost drivers
  • Preparation of export control reports
  • Preparation of yearly customs reports including status reports
  • Implementation of processes with respect to cost transparency

Expert opinions and structuring proposals on customs law

  • Expert opinions and provision of information on issues relating to customs law (e.g. tariff classification, customs valuation, origin determination)
  • Drafting of possibilities for structuring and simplifying procedures from a customs law and organisational perspective
  • Advice on customs law relating to import, export and cooperation agreements
  • Advice in respect of internal customs organisation and support in drafting operating and organisational instructions

Customs audits

  • Support during customs audits and audits in accordance with foreign trade legislation or European market law regulations
  • Analysis of audit reports and derivation of recommended courses of action based on these
  • Preparation for tax audits using internal audits

Representation in legal disputes

  • Conduct of appeal proceedings (appeal, restitution, remittal and opposition proceedings)
  • Representation in claims and appeal proceedings up to the level of the European Court of Justice
  • Assistance during defence proceedings for the imposition of fines and in criminal cases pursuant to customs and foreign trade legislation



Current Issues

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