Institutional Investments & Pension Solutions

Our service line provides advice to companies and other institutional investors in the areas of family offices, non-profits, pensions and insurance. We have extensive expertise in all investment, tax and regulatory matters, including both classical and alternative investments. An additional area of special expertise is tax advice on matters related to company pension schemes.

In addition to asset management, institutional investors must also comply with supervisory and tax restrictions. We provide support and advice based on our core competencies:

  • Structuring and restructuring of investments,
  • Ongoing advice for domestic and foreign investments and investors,
  • Advice for direct and indirect investments and investors in both the regulated and unregulated areas.

One of the biggest challenges facing companies and other institutional investors is the administration and financing of company pension schemes in times of globalisation, increasing competition and financial repression. We provide support and advice particularly with regard to the associated tax issues - both for classic CTA structures, direct commitments and all other methods of implementing occupational pension schemes.

Our approach to tax advice is based on the investor's orientation, regardless of whether the investors focus is on classical investments for optimising (net) returns or liability-driven investments.              

Your added value:
We support investors throughout the entire life-cycle of their investments. We provide advice during the selection of the tax-optimised planned investment, its structural implementation and all phases of investment until divestment.

We advise: 

  • Companies
  • Family offices
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Pension funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Other institutional investors

Our services:

  • Regulatory and (investment) tax structuring and restructuring of investments (securities, real estate, certificates, debt, private equity, hedge funds, derivatives) and advice on changing the asset allocation
  • Implementing investment fund structures (individual investments, fund-of-funds and pooling structures)
  • Professional opinions (first and second opinion)
  • Due diligence for proposed investments
  • Advice on enquiries from supervisory authorities, custodian banks, accounting and tax audits
  • Advising investment management companies and investment stock corporations
  • Advising institutional clients on the transfer of the portfolio management to external asset managers or change of custodian banks
  • Support for "beauty contests" in the selection of AIFM, custodian banks and external asset managers
  • Calculating fund income for financial statement purposes
  • Preparing tax returns
  • Guidance on tax audits and requests for binding rulings
  • Representation before fiscal and administrative courts and with regard to supervisory authorities
  • Advice on company pension schemes (implementing and adjusting pension commitments, analysis of advantages and/or change of implementation method)
  • Drafting, reviewing and adapting trustee agreements and structures
  • Outsourcing of pension liabilities (outsourcing of direct and indirect pension commitments, cumulative assumption of liability, exemption from liability, assumption of liability)
  • Merger and liquidation of Pensions Trusts
  • Analysis of the impact of legal changes on existing investments or pension structures

Current Issues

Should you have questions our partners are happy to assist:

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