Global Mobility, Compensation and Pension

As an internationally operating consulting company, we support companies with a comprehensive consulting portfolio in the field of HR. Along with income tax and social security-related services in this field, we also offer in particular services in connection with employee deployments and global payroll processes.

We advise:
German and foreign companies of all sizes as well as their deployed employees

The legal regulations in the field of income tax are not only subject to constant change, they are also becoming more and more confusing. This harbours a very high risk that companies will pay too little income tax to the tax authorities, for example due to incorrect flat-rate taxation assessments. Incorrect tax payments usually also lead to incorrect calculation of social security contributions. In the case of external income tax and social security audits this can sometimes result in substantial additional payments which are often borne by the employer itself and thus impact on its operating profits.

We can help you to identify tax risks at an early stage and optimise income tax and social security payments for you and your employees while keeping the administrative burden as low as possible.


In times of globalisation, the importance of international deployments of employees is growing. Foreign companies are deploying their employees in Germany just as German companies are deploying their workers overseas. When organising professional deployments abroad, it is easy to make a lot of mistakes which can end up being difficult and very costly to rectify. Cross-border deployments should be planned in good time and organised carefully – this is where WTS can help.

The WTS "Global Expatriate Services" offer a comprehensive service for the deployment of staff including legal advice on tax matters and matters of employment, immigration, and social security.*

In this integrated and inclusive approach to consulting, our particular strength lies in

  • optimising the personal situation of your employees, taking into account the legal framework and the
  • protection of your business interests whilst at the same time complying with the transnational obligations of your business.

Find detailled information about our services in our  fact sheet. You can find information about GES Inhouse Seminars here.

*We offer legal consultation services within our global expatriate service line via the WTS Legal Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.


An effective global payroll process is the central component of HR compliance with respect to employee deployments. Our area of responsibility therefore focuses on supporting your company in ensuring and optimising employer compliance before, during and after the payroll processing.

We are particularly specialised here in the design, implementation and synchronisation of international payroll processes and are able to offer you customised products for this. We can install these seamlessly into your business processes and IT system environment.

In addition, we can offer you all payroll-related services to complete the billing and deployment process in your company. Our portfolio is rounded off in selected countries by offering comprehensive services for the foreign payroll, including the required legal registration requirements.




Current Issues

Should you have questions our partners are happy to assist:

Susanne Weber

Income tax and social security
Tel.: +49 89 286 46-2256

Andreas Ochsner

Managing Director
Accounting and Payroll Services
Tel.: +49 8035 968-200

Peter Schmitz

Head of GES Munich
Tel.: +49 89 286 46-162

Dirk Keppler

Head of GES Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49 211 200 50-615

Frank Dissen

Head of Global Expatriate Services Germany
Tel: +49 69 133 84 56-52

Dmitri Stübner

Global Payroll Management
Tel: +49 9131 970 02-29


Assignments to Europe 2017

This booklet offers you a brief overview of tax, Social Security and immigrationrelated matters you might consider for your assignments to and within Europe.

Contact person: Frank Dissen

You can find this Guide here.


Foreign Nationals Working in Germany

Authors: Peter Schmitz, Frank Dissen, Dirk Keppler

You can find this Guide here.


WTS Factbook „Assignments to Asia“

In times of globalisation, the importance of international employee deployment is growing. With this booklet we offer you a brief overview of tax, social security and immigration related matters you might consider for your assignments to and within Asia.

To view the booklet please follow this link.


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