Compliance Services

In order to prevent violations of legal regulations and internal guidelines within the company, the implementation of an efficient compliance management system along the entire supply chain is of essential importance. In addition to the creation of a suitable business culture and the establishment of an appropriate compliance organization, this includes a thorough risk analysis. Therefore, the compliance of the risk management system, which covers strategic and operational risks, and which deals with their impact on the financial and operational situation of the company, as well as its reputation, should be considered.

Moreover, the risk and compliance management must be closely linked to the company’s other organizational elements. These include the internal control system, internal audits and not least the executive and supervisory boards.

Our services in the compliance services sector include:

  • Setting up and improving compliance management systems
  • Carrying out compliance risk assessments
  • The implementation of digital tools for screening business partners, regulations and whistle-blower/ombudsman systems
  • Carrying out business partner compliance audits
  • The development and implementation of a compliance training concept
  • Taking over compliance officer duties in the company (co-sourcing of the compliance function)
  • Conducting an integrity due diligence as part of company transactions
  • Preparing and reviewing codes of conduct and compliance guidelines

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